26 September 2010

i normally don't think twice about jil sander. the clothes are classic and interchangeable and all that jazz, but i don't usually have an instant reaction to them. i also don't feel much when it comes to the spring runway collections. i love fall and everything it has to offer so, when i start seeing all the white and sheer and short stuff spring usually has to offer i tune out. however, this spring jil sander collection is kinda blowing my mind. the oversized minimalist styles and bright colors are right up my alley and are inspiring ideas of spring dress. the striped dresses are something i would love to own and they would probably have to be steamed off of me due to overwearing.


0101010101 said...

oh i couldn't agree more with this collection, and you've picked all my favorite looks from it too :)
i just came across your blog and i'm so glad to have found it because you've found all the prettiest things!


thanks so much! keep checking back and i will keep trying to find the pretty things! xo


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