31 July 2011

seeing as i have spent the last 2 weeks going thru the time consuming process of having a root canal (of which i am still in pain from) i haven't been feeling too inspired. here's some lovely images from around the internet world (forgive me for re-hashing if you've seen them already) soon i will have images of some new work for sale in the shop and just some things i am working on.

images from all over- michael kors resort, proenza schouler resort, earrings from HERE, vases by ai weiwei, scarf by louisa parris etc, etc.



24 July 2011

there's always something so casual about the way freja beha erichsen takes a photo. i was happy to see, as i was flipping thru some magazines, that she's back in the rightful place of a chanel girl in the fall chanel ads. it was kind of a bummer to see BLAKE LIVELY in the previous seasons' ads. it just didn't make much sense. don't get me wrong, she seems like a lovely all american girl but there was something missing. there's no way she could have gotten all coquettish and feline in a photo booth without making you feel like she was acting. and as much as i hate to use that word cool, freja just seems really cool. james dean style cool. which is rare in 2011.



18 July 2011

we have entered the hell spot of summer nyc weather

lamp by whippy lamp, uk and poster available HERE



16 July 2011

first off, i finally finished bossy pants. and i listened to it on audiobook. which i must say was fun. i am also totally prepared for some backlash here, but i was kind of disappointed. obviously the most important message of the book is to remain true to yourself as a female and help other ladies out instead of the bulls*** competition that a lot of ladies find themselves in with one another. it's hard enough competing with the dudes, but then to have to compete on a whole other level with ladies is exhausting. if we all toned it down a bit we could actually find that we can help each other out a bit more than hurt each other.

and i was really excited for like the first 90% of the book, but somehow it took a wrong turn for the last 10%. i know i have a hard time disassociating tina fey and liz lemon, but when tina fey was doing tina fey on weekend update i thought she was the best. when she declared bitch was the new black with so much assuredness i thought she was genius ( and i don't use that word lightly cuz somewhere a couple of years ago people started using the word genius to describe things like dresses and shoes and i like to reserve it for einstein level importance). when she said that- it was the perfect cutting remark to backlash that hillary clinton and any other lady had been getting/not getting during their political rises to power. and then in the book she dis-owns it by saying she didn't mean it. and that she didn't want to take a political stand and that she didn't want to start something by saying it and bam...no more bossypants.

and then she starts talking about her baby struggles and her nanny/babysitter/caretaker of her child and it got real weird for me. i guess i never thought of her in that way. i understand that she has a life and a world outside of what i have grown to admire her for, but i guess i thought it wouldn't boil down to worrying what to call the nanny. and don't get me wrong-girl built something from nothing (hilarious nothing) and works crazy hours and probably doesn't get paid enough (by enough i mean as much as the dudes) but, she also makes enough money to not have to worry about who's taking care of the kid and paying the bills. i guess i didn't think a book titled bossypants would boil down to such a blasse ending.

so, i'm not saying that i don't still love tina fey. i think she and amy poehler are single handedly responsible for bringing smart women to the forefront of comedy and some of my favorite comedy moments have come from watching 30 rock. but, i guess reading that book made her more human to me, which i should have known she was along.

amazing photo comparison from HERE



15 July 2011

anyone who knows me knows that i am a terrible mover. i have lived in my "new" apartment for a year and still have managed to not unpack a few boxes. it doesn't help that ROB and i are terrible pack rats with bad stacking tendencies ( piling magazines, papers, receipts, you name it). but, now that we have decided to stay here another year, i am going to get the ball rolling on finishing it up. it's a lovely apartment with vintage moldings and built-ins and i need to celebrate it! until then all of these images are inspiring me to be better at living in my space.

images from HOME IS WHERE THE COUCH IS, ROSE GOLDEN and various other places around the internet.



14 July 2011

stella mccartney proves time and time again that any shape or pattern or color looks great as long as it's tailored to perfection.



cover songs are always tricky. a really good cover of a song can make you re-think the original version and/or even replace it. this is a video of maxwell's this woman's work which is an original song by kate bush. maxwell sounds like an angel. there's such a sensitivity and gentleness to the way that he handled the song. almost like more of a tribute than trying to change it into something it shouldn't be. when i hear this song i become transfixed, not distracted by it not being the original.



04 July 2011

or do because you never know what you will find. i found this image of a small series of drawings i did based on the catcher in the rye 3 years ago. i actually have no idea where these drawings are. i have since moved 3 times since making them. let's hope they're still in one of those boxes i have deemed unable to unpack due to procrastination.



are you serious olsen twins? so far, they seem to have done no wrong with their clothing line- THE ROW (even their website is clever) i never thought about wearing fur before until i saw that striped fur jacket. whuck?!

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