the fog, the mist, the blood, the cold

26 January 2009

so, in my free time i watch movies. i love going to the movies. there is nothing i love better than a cherry coke from the fountain. hands down my favorite movie that i saw last year was a movie was a swedish vampire movie called let the right one in. i know, vampires...but there is something so desperately magical and tender about a love story involving 12 year olds-one of which is a perma 12 year old because she is a vampire. it's not just a great story, but a beautiful film to watch. something about capturing the snow and how it's falling and the cold and the heat our bodies produce being captured on film that makes me really stop and remember why i am a sucker for beautiful things. i am also a sucker for vampire tales(no pun intended). the film is based on a book of the same name and it's at the top of my list of books to read this year.


i am going to get better, i swear, i owe it to you

22 January 2009

so, after having a blog for a while and after making many broken promises about being better about keeping it up, i swear once and for all that i have a plan in the works for habitual posting. don't you worry. you will soon know more about me and what i am up to!


this is the glorious ms. josephine

i adopted my dog almost 5 years ago from the anti-cruelty society. she came with a surname. i have never loved anything more than this lady. yea, she's wearing a hat.


a little late, i know

so i was just uploading some photos onto my computer and came across these photos of my holiday festivities. every year my husband and i somehow get away with having a very mellow holiday together. which means we can do whatever we want. which usually involves a tofurkey feast, a hazardous amount of candles and a season of some tv show on dvd. this year it was 30rock. i can't stand how much that show makes me laugh.

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