daydream even when it's nite

22 March 2009

so, i have always found julia rotham's work totally charming. i was never totally gaga for anything until i saw this wallpaper she designed for hygge & west called daydream wallpaper. super dreamy colors and i love the styling of it in this setup.


i dream of being so real

17 March 2009

louise bourgeois is one hip lady. not only is she a personal style icon for her mixmash of granny androgynous dressing, but she is one of the main influences in my work. she is still trucking along (she is a young 98 years old) making work and it really gives me a sense of hope and determination that if i just keep doing and drawing things will keep happening. her line drawings are some of my favorite drawings i have ever encountered.


the sound of silence sounds like this

so, music may come and go but simon&garfunkel will never let me down. so many amazing songs on one little album. old friends has to be my hands down favorite song. it's such a wonderful sentiment and look into the future of comrades. plus the cover image is one of my favorite images throughout music history.


like van halen used to say...

14 March 2009

go ahead and jump


things that would be fun to have, but i never will

06 March 2009

there are somethings that will always be a little out of reach


speaking of balloons

01 March 2009

i love, love, love the miss dior ads using balloons. it's the best colors and filled with magic. shot by miss sophia coppola who always knows how to showcase the magic and dreams of a girls imagination. i feel like balloons have been popping up a lot lately. i don't mind seeing 'em. i made a card that debuted at last years stationery show using a balloon image that i drew.


i wish, i wish

so, lately i have been working a lot. and i am very tired. my husband has been touring and going fun places and i have been working. i was just telling a friend that i want to take a vacay, but we are saving for something big and exciting so...don't you think it would be pretty cheap to take flight by means of balloons. it has always been a lofty dream of mine to hold onto a few too many balloons and hope for the best.


like a paper snowflake

how unbelievably beautiful is this dress by nathan jenden from his fall 2009 ready to wear collection by the name of frostbite.

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