in the words of the enviable liz lemon

30 August 2009

isabel marant studded booties



straight out of legend

found on vena cava's blog via english russia

i have always had a fascination with crystals and their formation. thanks to my friend amy it has now been reignited. there's something so inherently magical about an organic compound that can grow it's way through trees and walls. this is what the underground sewer system looks like in russia. stalagmites of magic growing everywhere! it also remind me of where that movie legend should have taken place. quite possibly the only tom cruise film i have ever enjoyed.


seasons change

29 August 2009

i know it's wishful thinking that fall is here all ready, but is got way cooler here in brooklyn today and it's supposed to stay this way for a few days. i am looking forward to a restful sleep. the dog is sitting on my lap where she belongs. and i would like to be clothed in these outfits from chloe by hannah macgibbon. there something so weird about them, but i love the felty wool overcoats. dressing like a lady is what fall is all about. i am so sick of just trying to stay cool. i am ready to get dressed again!


totally gratuitous

my dog the vampire. when we got ms. josephine she was all ready 8 years old. she's now 13. one of the most charming things about her has to be her ever increasing underbite. it's getting wild! this is her sleeping upside down. i know, i will post more things soon, but come on. take a look at that underbite!


summer love

12 August 2009

so, as you may have gathered, i have put my fair share of time in as a florist and i love it and probably will do it again at some point in my life. as a wedding present to my friend julyna & her beau brandon i offered up my services of florist extraordinaire. she has totally classic taste and wanted nothing but white and green and her favorite green roses. other than the fact that it was a crazy rainy day, it was the perfect, sweetest backyard summer wedding jam.


living in a rainbow

07 August 2009

i have often thought about what it would be like to live in a rainbow. which is why if i ever have the cash or the chance i would turn to architects tham & videgard hansson to make it happen. they departed from traditional swedish uses of color and pattern work in this apartment in order to reflect the changing seasons of the parks outside of the apartment. there is nothing i like more than a seamless blend of tonal colors. and to see it happen room after room would be my dream come true.


it's so very hot

04 August 2009

just hanging out listening to nico (which is just mellow and witchy enough for summer days) and trying every brand of flavored seltzer water i can possibly find. i can't possibly get enough beverages right now. i have become my very own hydration station!

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