memories, like the corners of my....

29 December 2008

the amazingly swedish tord boontje

oh marimekko, how i love you so

so, today i ate breakfast with 2 friends that i don't see often enough. the lovely miss karin and miss julyna! karin was in town for the holiday and we all ate at a swedish breakfast spot. and then we went to, what could be my new favorite spot in the city, the swedish shop! all things swedish and design and amazing. they were also encouraging me to write on this blog more and i believe i will do it! take that blog!


even 9 lives aren't enough

28 December 2008

i had just recently revisited the magical song stylings of the lovely ms eartha kitt. it was terribly saddening and poignant to learn that she passed on christmas. she was one of the greats of old hollywood still around. she will sorely be missed.


louise dear louise

dear louise,
you have summed up how i feel lately.
let's have tea
xo rose


oh arrow oh arrow

i am honored that the shiny squirrel asked me to be a part of its great roster of artists. i have a print for sale at www.theshinysquirrel.com for a limited time. i made a limited editions print of an original drawing that i did. please check it out!


where's this shirt in my life...

19 October 2008

i have been saving this photo on my desktop for a while and now that i have tried to find it i can't! i love it and would wear it everyday. check out their site www.mercollection.com


fall breezes

ms. josephine, my amazing dog, is curled up next to me in a blanket. she's making me jealous. it's also making me wish that i had these beautiful candlesticks so, i could warm my cold apartment with some candlelight. i am supposed to be printing, but i have taken a break for a bit. holidays are sneaking up and i am going to be posting some new cards on my etsy shop. so keep an eye out.


summer has come and gone...

01 September 2008

i can't believe all of my broken promises about the upkeep of my blog. i swear it's going to happen for real. as it is crazy hot here in chicago, my dreams of fall(and the return of fall dressing) are being dashed, but i can't help but want and hope for these shoes to land on my doorstop. they will be mine. check out the site at www.save-the-manimals.com lots of new exciting things are being cooked up in the great lakes kitchen so, please stay tuned for what's coming next! xo


i heart rob ryan

22 April 2008

i really can't handle how much i love the work of rob ryan. one day i hope to be able to afford either a print or an original papercut by this uk artist. but for now, i will settle for his charming imager via a tile. check out his work at www.misterrob.co.uk


exciting things

21 January 2008

reprodepot.com always has such inspirational designs

this is a tshirt by a company called moonblood. there are out of philly. i love their designs

oh how i adore erin fetherston


it's a new year all right

the year has started off as a whirlwind all ready. it seems that january is flying by and by. it's crazy how it goes by and my resolution of posting more often has all ready been thwarted. i will try and try though. just wanted to let you in on some exciting things i have enjoyed looking at.

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