22 April 2011

my musical partner in crime MATTEAH is raising funds thru kickstarter to make a film and record about the lost art of theater performance. i think it's going to turn out to be a really beautiful project documenting the nostalgia and romance associated with the old-school feelings of a staged theater production. if you feel like supporting her check out her PROPOSAL.



prepping for the STATIONERY SHOW when all i want to be doing is reading this book. someday i will have it all.



14 April 2011

this could be one of the most amazing pieces of jewelry i have seen in a while. check out more work by DAVID NEALE. the australians are crushing it lately for me.



i have always been a closeted fan of kelly wearstler. she always goes for big, bold and glamorous in her designs, which i feel can go all wrong, but there is always a sense of humor in her proportions that i really enjoy. i am enjoying getting a glimpse further into her life and style via her BLOG. i was also unaware of that fact that she showed her new up and coming clothing line. totally charming and girly. and i think it will be exciting to see what she does next. if she can bring her big, bold, glamour influences to the clothing and accessories line i think it could make for something very interesting



11 April 2011

i know this is kind of old news, but ANOTHER MAGAZINE has a feature on their site where a group of selected tastemakers do a daily post on their "love" of the day. every so often i go through it and i need to remember to do it regularly. there are some really great images all together in one spot! here's some of the ones i found inspiring (note my unintentional rainbow theme)



03 April 2011

Just knowing that there is the possibility that i could one day hold a handful of baby owls, might make everything seem worth it! but seriously, i know you are thinking "oh owls, they're so 2009." but, whatevs. owls are forever.



02 April 2011

there have been a lot of bumps in the road in the past few weeks. the most annoying one was my computer trying to not work anymore. alas the good people at MIKEY'S got it working again. so, i haven't had a chance to put together new posts i had wanted to do. in the meantime-enjoy this little guy. i believe he is a real live dog. i have named him mr. franklin delano higgins monopoly. yep. enjoy


image found via DEBBIE CARLOS

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