raindrops on roses and whisker on kittens

30 October 2007

a few of my current favorite things

so, erin fetherston's collection for target comes out next week and coincides with my birthday, bonus present, but i couldn't love her more for including zooey deschanel in her last runway show. she's so dreamy with that little songbird voice of hers

i have a bit of a craft crush on small stump. i think they are the bees knees.

just when i thought i was over birds


the leaves are falling, the leaves are falling!

wow, time really flies. i am making a vow to post on this blog with greater frequency. i am honored and excited to be taking part in the november handmade market that poppytalk is doing. the november market should be live on november 5th and will be a host to many great artists so, check it out and start thinking about your holiday shopping needs!


just a few things that are making me really happy!

19 August 2007

i can't get enough of the patterns at reprodepot.com


boy how time flies!

hello everyone and thanks for reading!
i just wanted to post quick to say that the great lakes has a new etsy shop
where you can buy the wonderful things we have to offer! please check it out
at www.thegreatlakes.etsy.com!
i hope to get more diligent with these posts to help keep everyone up to
date as far as what's happening and what's new with us.
stay tuned!
xo rose


greetings and salutations!

03 July 2007

hello everyone!
i just wanted to let everyone who is interested know what the great lakes is
all about. I was one half of tennis, anyone? cards, a screen printed
greeting card company based in chicago, illinois, and now have ventured
out on my own to create the great lakes. if you were a fan of tennis, anyone?
don't worry, a lot of the same designs are still available, but so much more
is to come. i am going to expand with a lot of new products and fun stuff.
so, thanks for all of your support and please keep in touch and keep checking
out the blog for new things to come!

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