to bring or not to bring a giant floppy hat

18 June 2009

i have to go to the hamptons for a dear friends wedding this weekend. part of me wants to go all out and really dress the part as this may be my only chance. but i fear i would be overdone. plus no one will see me in black and white and i think it really adds to the drama of hamptons style.


hidden cigarettes and fur coats

10 June 2009

i could watch the royal tenenbaums at any time of any given day. there's something about the family dynamic that feels a little close to home. i love the secrets kept, the knowing glances and all of the quirky personalities. i am the middle child in a brother sandwich so, maybe that's why i feel a kinship to the story. i also think the styling of the home and all the characters is pitch perfect! there's so many good things that to list them all would be too much, but when richie the tennis playing allstar loses it on the court and starts taking off his socks and shoes and sits down. and when margot loses her finger by axe blade. toooo good.


and another one

08 June 2009

so, i guess once i start thinking about iconic ladies then i can't stop. shelley duvall. i can't really say anything more than that. there's something so precious and intense about her performances. she's just so darn cute too.


some little bits

so, my day job that fuels my creative fires is working at a boutique flower shop called asrai garden. we just launched our website (after 9 years of being open) and it's very, very exciting! we are a little behind the times in the technological sense! i helped design it by doing a lot of the drawings that are featured throughout the website. check it out and if you need flowers anywhere in the chicago area you now know who to call!

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