ain't love grand

28 April 2009

being in a relationship with someone who is creative can sometimes make you feel like you are running circles around each other. as anyone knows from experience of doing the artist/musician/designer hustle, you are constantly working, touring & traveling. when talking to my buddy matteahshe reminded me of one of the coolest creative couples around. john & yoko. i grew up with the beatles all around, my mom to this day sings will you still need me whenever we get out of line, but i was a latecomer to john and yoko's work. i have always respected yoko as a visual artist, but it wasn't until the last 3 or 4 years that i came to love her music, too. they are a very inspirational couple of individuals that came together to make some great work. makes me want to do some collaborations.



i feel like i have seen a lot of posts about the magical world of tim walker's photography. and i am glad that i have because it has made me do a lot of looking around for more of his work. it's so wonderfully, decadently beautiful. i can't help but love a beautiful picture and i also can't help, but feel he is stealing some of those images from my imagination. want to get his big book of photos tootsweet.


old time-y delights

26 April 2009

honeylux letterpress is a line of stationery out of california that has to be one of my favorite right now. it feels like someone finds an old snapshot from the dustbowl and makes a beautifully detailed line drawing. i love the restraint they express in the simple color palettes that they work in, too. i also love that their letterpress work comes as a flat card making it easy to frame and keep for your collection! these are 2 of my most favorite designs.


beautiful wonderful

i just came across the work of luren jenison via the worldwideweb. it's amazing what you can find. her work is totally beautiful. it's so full of air and color and life. she does some beautiful printed fabrics and wall treatments. i also love a good papercut and hers are full of whimsy and purpose. i love the idea of a big cutout as a wall hanging or room divider.


i can't help it

23 April 2009

i love alexandra cassaniti! i love that everything is handmade and hand printed. i have never wanted a laptop bag more. who knew i would ever ever say that!


i want to go to there

06 April 2009

yes liz lemon, i want to go to there, too. i need a vacation and i think it would be best if it was in a treetop cabin.


a spidery ballerina

if i could dress like a down and out ballerina and actually function in my life, i would look like this. rodarte is the bomb. they manage to always turn out a season of clothing that looks like it was spun on a loom in the middle of the nite while everyone else is sleeping.


more pretty pretty

i know balloons seem to be everywhere, but these ones should trail behind me as i walk. if everything could be the beautiful blush colors of a sunset i would be a very happy lady.


the pass it on project

02 April 2009

at the end of february i was asked to be part of a collaborative art project called the pass it on project as part of blanket magazine. blanket magazine is an online pdf magazine that features the work of designers and artists and makers from all over the world. it was far the most fun i have had making a drawing in a while! 6 artists were asked to contribute to one drawing all via email. one artist started the drawing and emailed it to the next and so forth til there was one amazing, hilarious result. check out the completed drawing on the blanket website! (sorry for the terrible jpeg from the issue! i tried, but i am not so computer savvy!)

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