24 December 2009

screen print by rob ryan
flower decoupage cake stand by john derian
popup version of the little prince
9k gold ring with black diamonds by the beside
striped totebag by alexandra cassaniti
i was supposed to give jessica at the shiny squirrel my xmas wish list/gift guide but i have had a crazy december. so i thought i would post it here instead!



all images from google search of vintage decorations
so, this year has been particularly hectic. i made a crazy move from chicago to brooklyn and in doing so managed to throw out all of my christmas ornaments and decorations that i have been collecting over time. i love christmas. i love decorating for it and making my scrooge husband get in the spirit. but this year it sort of snuck up on me and i hate to say it, but i don't really feel it full force. it did help when i went to john derian a few weeks ago and rummaged thru their always excellent selection of vintage ornaments and garlands. i guess it's time to start a new collection. maybe things are turning around! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!



27 November 2009

i am back! it feels like it's been forever, but i am home! i have had a sweet cuddle-fest with my dog and my husband and am now having to get back into the major swing of things. lots of busy times ahead as we enter into the holiday season of course. and i will be posting holiday stuff today for all of you who could hold out for the goods! in the meantime i will keep listening to the latest kings of convenience record and plugging away at getting orders shipped and work done!



15 November 2009

we saw a lot of rainbows on our long drive from leipzig germany to prague.



so we played in a sleepy old town called metz in france. we didn't think much of it until we got back to the bar to play our show and the promoter of the show -flo- had some friends make a stage backdrop for our performance. and it was the bomb. there were flying eyeballs, a crazy alien eyeball man that somehow was actually a light, a door to a labrynth of eyes, mystical leaves and branches & twinkling lights. needless to say we felt right at home. and we tried to figure out a way to cram the alien eyeman into our luggage, but alas he lives in metz still (we did take a few eyeballs though to guide us thru the alps) we were told by flo that metz was one of the first cities to have an official satanic church. as soon as we got there i felt the weirdness and i told matteah. once we found out some of the folklore matteah looked at me and said you knew it!



something exciting i have been holding out on telling anyone...i have some holiday cards sets for sell at urban outfitters! they are available only thru the website and the quantity is limited!


20,000 leagues later

02 November 2009

so, we have arrived in paris. it has been raining most of the time we have been here, but that seemed to be my impression of paris before i got here. a little grey and full of ghosts. we play a show tomorrow and i am anxious to play even though it has been nice to have a few days off in paris. we have been staying with my favorite frenchman jerome. he has been the best host feeding us like every two hours and taking us around to see the sites. we came to paris from nantes which is the home of jules verne and simone de beauvoir. we played at the espace de simone de beauvoir. it was pretty intense and there were pictures of her all around where we played. the crowd was full and attentive and the staff there was so nice. i am admittedly horrible about remember the fact that i have a camera in my bag at all times right now, but i swear i will get better.



28 October 2009

for a whole month i am fortunate to be traveling thru europe with my pal matteah. we are gonna be playing in a bunch of different places starting tonight in milan. then we go to france, germany, czech republic, portugal & back to italy. it's gonna be crazy, but super fun. check out matteah's website for the dates. i am gonna try to post stuff on a more regular basis as to where we are at!


when i grow up

27 September 2009

angelina first introduced me to fever ray & karin just reminded me that i never checked out what she was up to in the visual scope of her music. which upon listening to fever ray you notice right away that it sets a visual tone as well as a musical one. it's heavy on the witchy naturalistic references which is something i lean towards all the times. when i checked out the fever ray website i was pleasantly surprised at all of videos. mystical, dark and not really having anything to do with the song at hand, but nonetheless very special. she said she wrote this record while on a break from the band she shared with her brother, the knife, and before/after her second pregnancy. there's a stream of consciousness about the songs & the music that would lead one to believe that it was made when someone needed to escape reality & responsibility. which it seems was what she needed to make a really wonderful record.


si beau il blesse

26 September 2009

vanessa bruno's clothing line is one of those things that will always be quintessentially french to me. the easy, carefree, effortless and sexy details of the line are what makes the french mademoiselles seem so appealing. so it only makes sense to take one of france's royalty ( in my eyes ) lou doillon and make a beautiful movie of her featuring the clothing and a cave.



my lovely karin


time ticks by

20 September 2009

this year i am turning the lovely 30 years of age. it seems like i am all ready older than that. i think it might be time for an eye exam, as i fear i may be squinting more than usual. if it happens that i need some glasses. these will be them. glasses by PRISM


in the words of the enviable liz lemon

30 August 2009

isabel marant studded booties



straight out of legend

found on vena cava's blog via english russia

i have always had a fascination with crystals and their formation. thanks to my friend amy it has now been reignited. there's something so inherently magical about an organic compound that can grow it's way through trees and walls. this is what the underground sewer system looks like in russia. stalagmites of magic growing everywhere! it also remind me of where that movie legend should have taken place. quite possibly the only tom cruise film i have ever enjoyed.


seasons change

29 August 2009

i know it's wishful thinking that fall is here all ready, but is got way cooler here in brooklyn today and it's supposed to stay this way for a few days. i am looking forward to a restful sleep. the dog is sitting on my lap where she belongs. and i would like to be clothed in these outfits from chloe by hannah macgibbon. there something so weird about them, but i love the felty wool overcoats. dressing like a lady is what fall is all about. i am so sick of just trying to stay cool. i am ready to get dressed again!


totally gratuitous

my dog the vampire. when we got ms. josephine she was all ready 8 years old. she's now 13. one of the most charming things about her has to be her ever increasing underbite. it's getting wild! this is her sleeping upside down. i know, i will post more things soon, but come on. take a look at that underbite!


summer love

12 August 2009

so, as you may have gathered, i have put my fair share of time in as a florist and i love it and probably will do it again at some point in my life. as a wedding present to my friend julyna & her beau brandon i offered up my services of florist extraordinaire. she has totally classic taste and wanted nothing but white and green and her favorite green roses. other than the fact that it was a crazy rainy day, it was the perfect, sweetest backyard summer wedding jam.


living in a rainbow

07 August 2009

i have often thought about what it would be like to live in a rainbow. which is why if i ever have the cash or the chance i would turn to architects tham & videgard hansson to make it happen. they departed from traditional swedish uses of color and pattern work in this apartment in order to reflect the changing seasons of the parks outside of the apartment. there is nothing i like more than a seamless blend of tonal colors. and to see it happen room after room would be my dream come true.

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