when i grow up

27 September 2009

angelina first introduced me to fever ray & karin just reminded me that i never checked out what she was up to in the visual scope of her music. which upon listening to fever ray you notice right away that it sets a visual tone as well as a musical one. it's heavy on the witchy naturalistic references which is something i lean towards all the times. when i checked out the fever ray website i was pleasantly surprised at all of videos. mystical, dark and not really having anything to do with the song at hand, but nonetheless very special. she said she wrote this record while on a break from the band she shared with her brother, the knife, and before/after her second pregnancy. there's a stream of consciousness about the songs & the music that would lead one to believe that it was made when someone needed to escape reality & responsibility. which it seems was what she needed to make a really wonderful record.



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