20,000 leagues later

02 November 2009

so, we have arrived in paris. it has been raining most of the time we have been here, but that seemed to be my impression of paris before i got here. a little grey and full of ghosts. we play a show tomorrow and i am anxious to play even though it has been nice to have a few days off in paris. we have been staying with my favorite frenchman jerome. he has been the best host feeding us like every two hours and taking us around to see the sites. we came to paris from nantes which is the home of jules verne and simone de beauvoir. we played at the espace de simone de beauvoir. it was pretty intense and there were pictures of her all around where we played. the crowd was full and attentive and the staff there was so nice. i am admittedly horrible about remember the fact that i have a camera in my bag at all times right now, but i swear i will get better.


jezebel said...

Have magical journeys, and recount them to me over a cocktail at Hotel Delmano when you return!


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