01 September 2011

i snuck out of the city to visit my mom and my friend CHAR.  i somehow perfectly timed it to leave the day before the hurricane craziness started and the day after hurricane craziness ended.  i am the buffy of weather.  in visiting char, i got to see her new house.  back in february she and her james bought a house in rochester, ny.  i am jealous that she is a homeowner.  even though i am nowhere near ready to own my own house or property, i really like the idea of getting to fix a home up from scratch.  they are on a roll with all their renovations and i can't wait to see what they come up with.  in the meantime, i will spruce up my apartment (sans garden you lucky devil) with a little inspiration from these images.

ps- a lot of my plants died this summer. i hate summer for just another reason among many.
bonus, time for a plant restock!

also pps- char makes this....

get it HERE



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