time for a new nest

30 July 2009

i know it's been a while and as per usual i will promise i will get better at posting on a regular basis, but i have a good reason this time. my husband, my dog and myself just moved from chicago to brooklyn! it is lovely to be east coastin' again. but moving is kinda like the worst thing i have done (physically & mentally) in a long while. it also made me realize how out of shape i am and why i am going to start researching swimming pools in the very near future. so, look out for new posts on a consistent basis. and for all my chicago friends, i will post some new home shots soon! xo


nice-etc.com / caitlin said...

i was trying to remember how to make the sad/crying face emoticon but i cannot! so instead i'll do the winking face ;) that is much nicer anyway, right? SAD to see you've left but excited to hear about your new adventures! you are a lovely lady, rose.

jezebel said...

welcome welcome welcome! there's a public pool on metropolitan and bedford- i think it's around $75 a year to be a member. drinks asap please. even more pressing: teepee-josephine meeting.

val said...

hope you guys had a good move! new places are exciting, for sure.


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