brothers that bloom together

10 July 2009

there has been a lot of crazy things happening in the world of the great lakes, but i did take some time out the other day to see a movie that i had been really excited to see. the brothers bloom. the brothers bloom is a con man caper noir movie about two brothers who start life in a rather scrappy way and move on up one con at a time. its cast is quite charming- mark ruffalo, adrien brody, rachel weisz and rinko kikuchi- and the set ups and humor are spot on. it was written & directed by rian johnson who also wrote & directed a movie called brick. he's quite good at setting up a modern day noir film. lots of old timey sayings and stylings. i will say that the ending was a bit of a let down after such an elaborate tale was woven, but between the quirkiness and the styling of the cast it was totally enjoyable. one of rachel weisz's first outfits is a vera (the fabric designer not the wang) dress and adrien brody can really wear a suit! i find my thoughts drifting back towards it quite often & trying to scheme up my own cons.



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