24 July 2011

there's always something so casual about the way freja beha erichsen takes a photo. i was happy to see, as i was flipping thru some magazines, that she's back in the rightful place of a chanel girl in the fall chanel ads. it was kind of a bummer to see BLAKE LIVELY in the previous seasons' ads. it just didn't make much sense. don't get me wrong, she seems like a lovely all american girl but there was something missing. there's no way she could have gotten all coquettish and feline in a photo booth without making you feel like she was acting. and as much as i hate to use that word cool, freja just seems really cool. james dean style cool. which is rare in 2011.


Anonymous said...

Blake Lively is only the face of the handbag campaign, Freja has been doing the mainline campaign for five seasons in a row now.


true, true, just seemed like such a mis-step on the part of representing the line that i forgot about the other campaigns. blake seems like a lovely all-american girl, just not my first pick for chanel. i admire her style and grace- just seemed out of left field.


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