ain't love grand

28 April 2009

being in a relationship with someone who is creative can sometimes make you feel like you are running circles around each other. as anyone knows from experience of doing the artist/musician/designer hustle, you are constantly working, touring & traveling. when talking to my buddy matteahshe reminded me of one of the coolest creative couples around. john & yoko. i grew up with the beatles all around, my mom to this day sings will you still need me whenever we get out of line, but i was a latecomer to john and yoko's work. i have always respected yoko as a visual artist, but it wasn't until the last 3 or 4 years that i came to love her music, too. they are a very inspirational couple of individuals that came together to make some great work. makes me want to do some collaborations.


Julyna said...

john is the beatle that grows on you. i love the bits yoko adds to john's music and their strange love songs and lullabies from double fantasy. i think they are a great couple to be inspired by... hopefully you and rob can duet!


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